Submit a Property for Consideration

We are always looking for real estate opportunities which we can use to help support communities by offering sober living. We consider properties for sale or lease, properties in any condition, and in most locations in the United States.

We directly acquire properties for conversion to sober living through a variety of structures, including:

  • Purchase of property
  • Long-term lease of property
  • Short-term lease of property with an option to buy
  • Purchase of existing sober living homes (link to the page on buying sober living homes)

The most suitable properties tend to offer a few key features:

  • Large single-family or two-family homes
  • Homes offering multiple large bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Located in desirable residential areas
  • Located in walkable neighborhoods that do not require a vehicle

Typically, our minimum criteria for homes include:

  • Property must be residential
  • Property must be more than 3,400 sq. ft.
  • Property must be located in a walkable neighborhood

Do you have a property that may be suitable for conversion to sober living?

We would love to hear from you and discuss what you have to offer