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Opening a Business Bank Account

Establishing Your Business Bank Account

You should set up a business checking account for your new business (plus an additional and separate account for payroll, if applicable). To establish your business bank account, you will typically need a copy of the following documents:

  1. The new entity’s Certificate of Organization and Articles of Organization after the state has approved your filing for a new business entity.
  2. Your new entity’s Employer Identification Number as evidenced on the IRS letter you received when applying for the issuance of your EIN.
  3. Your new entity’s d/b/a or Assumed Name Certificate issued by your city or county, displaying Vanderburgh House as the name under which you will be doing business
  4. A copy of the government-issued identification for each signer for the business, whether or not they are a partner in the business. Everyone on your account will need to be present when forming your account.
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