Our Platform: Support & Service

Support & Service

We are here to support our Operators every step of the way. Our goal is to offer value to Operators that they can’t get elsewhere, or would be inaccessible due to cost. Every Operator has unlimited access to our team, our resources, advice, and support every step of the way.

Vanderburgh House

We co-brand with our Operators, allowing them to be a Vanderburgh House recovery community. Being a member of our community, Operators access all branding, marketing, website, print media, and outreach support services. The Vanderburgh House brand is a powerful and growing name in the recovery industry. Vanderburgh House is recognized as the first and only sober house brand, offering an expectation of superior service to guests. Referral sources have a significantly increased level of comfort in dealing with a known and respected identity.

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Website Presence

Our website for Operators and their homes is www.VanderburghHouse.com. This site features all homes in our network, displaying highly search engine optimized pages for each affiliated home. In search results, social media sharing, and other forms of digital advertising and networking, our web and social media presence gives the marketing power of a large organization to even the smallest of Operators.

Vanderburgh House Website

Sober House Directory

We launched the national Sober House Directory in early 2020 (www.SoberHouseDirectory.com) as the nation’s first directory built for sober living homes. Vanderburgh House franchised Operators are featured with premier listings on the sober house directory.

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Unlimited Support

Our Operators rely on us for advice and guidance. Do you need an answer to a question? We’re here. Do you need an answer to a question at 3:14 A.M.? We’re here (tired, but here). Unlimited support is exactly what it says: you have access to call our staff at any time for any reason to ask for advice, guidance, or support.

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