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Professional Training

Training Program

The core of the Vanderburgh House system is comprehensive training to all Operators and House Mentors of sober houses in our network. The training services we offer are truly comprehensive, with training topics and modules ranging from how to impact your sober living guests, the House Mentors responsibilities in the home, how to handle emergency situations, how to conduct community outreach to keep a strong waiting list, how to run a profitable business operation, accounting and tax considerations, and how to navigate the complex regulatory environment surrounding sober housing.

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Training Delivery

Training delivery takes place in a variety of forms, including:

  • On-site initial training program at our headquarters in Worcester, Massachusetts
  • On-site ongoing seminars and workshops, held at our headquarters as well as online
  • Online learning modules using the Talent LMS system, including:
    • Administrative: use of software, handbooks, templates, tools, and systems
    • Operational: rent collection, accounting, record keeping, home inspections
    • House Mentors: guest orientation, drug screening, rules and violations
    • Outreach: building relationships with referral partners and presentations
    • Intake: applicant review, phone screening, and monitoring
    • Business Management: accounting, human resources, marketing, etc.
    • Safety: home and personnel safety, emergency procedures and preparedness
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Training Details

Initial Training

Initial Training takes place online as well as at our headquarters in Worcester, Massachusetts. New Operators are introduced to the Vanderburgh House system with an introductory video call, review of the Operator Handbook, and then practical training in our office and corporate homes in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Immersive Training

We offer our Operators and their House Mentors the opportunity to engage in immersive training at one of our homes. This is an invitation to stay in one of our homes to see first-hand how a home should be run and get to know what is required to be successful in running a home.

Training Costs

Our franchise fee covers the Initial Training and the other resources and supports we offer to new Operators. Most of our additional training, including Immersive Training, is included in our Ongoing Service Fee.